CS&ES Logo

The Computer Science & Engineering Society (CS&ES) is an association of Computer Science & Engineering alumni, undergraduates, postgraduates, and staff dedicated to develop and uplift the Department of CSE and to broaden its engagement with the industry and society.

The emerging shape of the 21st century demands all of us to be on par with the growing trends in the field of Information Communication Technology. Since its inauguration in 1997, driven by the dedicated effort of its members, the CS&ES has made significant contributions to the CSE as well as the industry.

The CS&ES aims to fulfill its vision and mission through workshops, seminars, conferences, competitions, outbound events, etc., held for school children, undergraduates, postgraduates, selected categories of professionals, and the general public.

The CS&ES engages in the following activities, both at national and international level, in order to work for the accomplishment of the objectives of the CS&ES:

  • To obtain modern computing and laboratory equipment to the CSE.
  • To organize lectures, seminars, workshops, etc. to its membership and to the general public with the objective of introducing them to cutting edge technologies.
  • To introduce the CSE undergraduates to emerging technologies by helping them to find suitable organizations for their industrial training, industry sponsors, and supervisors for the final year projects.
  • To create awareness among the CSE undergraduates on the available jobs in the industry and industry expectations in hard engineering competencies and soft skills.
  • To bring together alumni and students of the CSE to share their experiences and provide mentoring for career development and professionalism.
  • To assist the CSE to obtain services of internationally recognized academics, researchers, technologists, and institutions in the field of Computer Science and Engineering in the development and conduct of the CSE degree program.
  • To celebrate the achievements of the alumni and partner organizations to inspire and motivate.