Resource and Facilities

Level 1 Computer Lab

Practical classes for all the first year students take place in this lab. Practical classes are held in groups of approximately 70 and the students are encouraged to use the computer facilities whenever the lab is free.

Level 2 Computer Lab

Level 2 Computer Lab, used by students in semesters 2 and 3, is configured to support all computer science and engineering practical conducted for those students in the Department. The lab is equipped with the latest versions of required software both in the Windows and Linux environments.

Level 3 Advanced Computing Lab

Level 3 Advanced Computing Lab, used by students in semesters 4 and 5, is configured to support all computer science and engineering practical conducted for those students in the Department. This lab, which is for the exclusive use of semester 4 and 5 students, allow them to use the lab for their software engineering projects where they are allowed to install and use any software required for their individual projects as well as to master different software tool kits so that they can be well prepared for their industrial training.

Final Year Project Lab

Final Year Project Lab is mainly used for the undergraduate research and development projects of the students of the Department of CSE and each project team is allocated a separate space in the lab for their use. This lab is a Wi-Fi hotspot and allows the CSE final year students to bring their laptops and work on their final year projects or do other work. As every CSE student who does not have a laptop is provided with a laptop by the department, the lab does not contain any fixed computers. However, based specific on project requirements, both PCs and virtual servers are allocated to project teams.

Embedded Systems Lab

Embedded Systems Lab is primarily used for undergraduate teaching for modules such as Micro-controller Applications, Embedded Systems Design and Advanced Digital Design. Additionally the resources available at the laboratory are also used for undergraduate research and development projects and for postgraduate research work. Resources available at the laboratory include development boards compatible with Arduino platform, microchip ChipKit platform and Raspberry PI boards. For embedded systems development and related work several FPGA based development boards including Xilinx and Altera evaluation boards and development platforms are also available. The laboratory maintains a stock of prototyping boards and interfacing modules such as LCD modules, temperature sensors, encoder modules and related types of transducers for use in the undergraduate projects and laboratory classes. The laboratory implement a project based and "use at any time" policy for students which allows them to borrow equipment and components from the laboratory and carryout the necessary work at their own time subjected to the general operating policies of the laboratory.

Network Engineering Lab

Network Engineering Lab is used for conducting computer networking practical sessions for students of the Department of CSE. The lab is equipped with state of the art networking gear including CISCO routers and advanced gigabit switches, fiber optic equipment, media converters, KVMs etc. The areas of engineering practice covered using the above facilities are networking basics, routing, switching, VLAN, VPN, DNS and Web servers.

Video Production Lab and Studio

Video Production Studio Laboratory is a fully equipped studio production facility consist a sound proof studio environment and a control room. The studio has full digital capabilities ranging from digital and computer generated virtual background setups to fully digital mixing and recording. The laboratory also has a complete mobile video production setup inclusive of video mixers and digital recording devices included in a single package. The facility is capable of carrying out live productions using up to 8 online cameras covering a coverage radius of almost 200m. The facility is primarily 30 used to provide the equipment and technical support for laboratory work in undergraduate and postgraduate modules related to image processing, computer vision and graphics. It also provides support for research and development through undergraduate and postgraduate student projects. The laboratory is responsible for conducting the non-GPA module on video production for the undergraduate students. The video production studio laboratory also hosts the Centre for Instructional Technology (CIT) of the university. Through CIT, the laboratory provides multimedia technical support and video coverage for all major events at the university inclusive of the graduation ceremonies and inauguration ceremonies for new intakes. The CIT is also responsible for production of staff and student identity cards.

High Performance Computing (HPC) Lab

High Performance Computing (HPC) lab of the Department of CSE facilitates undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as research on systems, middleware, and algorithms addressing computational and data-intensive problems arising in scientific, business, and social domains. HPC lab has a private cloud computing facility, many computational nodes, and 50+ NVidia GPUs that are used by many students, faculty, and scientists within and outside the University Teaching, project, and research purposes. State-ofthe-art open source software and middleware are used to provide the services of the HPC lab. Presently, the research teams are engaged in research on many/multi-cores, distributed systems, and cloud, grid, and peer-to-peer computing, as well as the interdisciplinary applications of those technologies. More details of the HPC lab are available at

Software Engineering Lab

The Software Engineering lab is equipped with the software necessary for Software Systems Design, Software Project Management, Software Architecture Evaluation and Quality Assuring. The Lab is used for the course modules in the Software Engineering stream at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels as well as Research works.

Codegen Innovation Lab

CodeGen Innovation Lab is dedicated for supporting students for innovative product design, product development and product commercialization. The lab is equipped as a modern entrepreneur incubator facility with computers 31 and large displays helping students engage in the activities of entire product lifecycle in an enterprise like research and development environment. The lab is furnished with ergonomically supporting furniture for long duration development engagements giving a comfortable space while the access controlled entry mechanism enables 24x7 accesses to the authorized students and researchers. Several student groups have been actively utilizing the lab and its resources to develop their entrepreneurial skills through their product development.

Mircrosoft Lab

Microsoft Lab of the Department of CSE is equipped with 30 desktop computers and servers. These computers have the licensed commercial software such as MS Windows XP, MS Windows 2003 server, MS Windows 7, MS Windows 2008 server, Microsoft office, SQL server and MS Visual Studio Development Environment. The lab has gained access to the complete suite of Microsoft developer tools, operating systems, server software, documentation and technical references offered by Microsoft, as the department is a member of the MSDN Academic Alliance. Currently the lab maintains servers for the Level 1, Level 2 and Advanced Computer laboratories. Student projects and particular student needs for MS development activities are facilitated by this lab and its resources.

Enterprise Systems Lab

Enterprise Systems Lab of Department of CSE is equipped with set of server machines which are used for the purpose of learning and configuration server systems. The lab provides facilities for undergraduates to acquire hands on experience in managing and implementing server systems including configurations of storage area networks and RAID systems. The lab also has several machines used by the undergraduates to conduct their Internet based research projects and they are configured with dedicated public IP addresses and uninterrupted power supplies with the aim of enabling extensive data mining purposes.

Data Science and Analytics Lab

Data Science and Analytics Lab or the BigData Lab of the Department of CSE facilitates undergraduate and graduate teaching as well as research in the science and engineering of big data storage and predictive analytics. The lab is equipped with a collection of quad core machines with 16GB of 32 memory each in a resource pool that is equipped to allocate remotely accessible virtual boxes based on the requirements for each project. The lab has a very productive collaborative link with the Business Analytics Lab of Deakin University in Australia, with several active projects in the area of business analytics and incremental learning.

Leapset Lounge

Leapset Lounge was opened by the sponsorship of Leapset Engineering (Pvt) Ltd. The lounge is fully equipped space designed to facilitate brainstorming and creativity amongst the students. Leapset also hosts tech talks, guest lectures and workshops at the site throughout the year.