Continuing Professional Development

The Department annually offer a series of Continuing Professional Development (CPD) courses and workshops. Professionals who are working in the field of Computer Science / ICT can enhance their knowledge of a specific area by following a CPD course of preference. Some of these programs are combined with the MSc and MBA modules (hence offered during class time) while other programs are offered as standalone workshops.


These courses are offered with the MSc and MBA modules. They are conducted as 14, 2-hour sessions on Saturdays. Course offerings start in January, May, and September of each year. Currently offered courses include:

  • ◾ Advanced Algorithms
  • ◾ Advanced Databases
  • ◾ Advanced Operating Systems
  • ◾ Client-Side Application Development
  • ◾ Data Mining
  • ◾ Embeded System Security
  • ◾ Human Computer Interaction
  • ◾ Information Retreival
  • ◾ Mobile Computing
  • ◾ Multicore and Manycore Programming
  • ◾ Software Architecture Concepts
  • ◾ System and Network Design


The department conduct a number of workshops throughout the year, ranging from half a day to a week. Currently offered courses include:

  • ◾ Business Analytics Techniques
  • ◾ Business Analytics for Managers
  • ◾ Secure Software Development
  • ◾ Embedded System Development with Arduino
  • ◾ Embedded System Development with PIC
  • ◾ Android Mobile App Development
  • ◾ Windows Mobile App Development